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What is Directors and Officers Liability insurance?

Directors and Officers Insurance covers the exposures faced by individual directors, officers, and managers that arise from running their business.


What does a Directors and Officers policy cover?

It covers the cost of compensation claims (including defence costs) made against the business’s directors and key managers (officers) for alleged wrongful acts by shareholders, investors, employees, regulators or third parties.

Directors and Officers Liability can be a standalone product or part of a Management Liability policy, which would also include the following covers:


Corporate Legal Liability or Entity Defence:

Cover provides protection for the business where an action is brought against the Company.  We are beginning to see more claims particularly in the areas of Health and Safety statute breaches where the action is brought against the company rather than an individual director or officer of the business.


Employment Practices Liability Insurance:

Will cover legal liability following an employment dispute and the legal costs and expenses in respect of employment and health and safety investigations.


Do I need Management Liability Insurance?

Mistakes happen and as a business you are responsible for the actions of your directors, senior staff and employees.


Over the last few years most claims made involve the company, either as the sole target or jointly with one or more individuals. Without Management Liability Insurance cover this could leave your employee’s and your own personal wealth exposed.



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