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We offer a bespoke solution to suit your insurance requirements that covers the unique risks not normally offered by standard combined policies. We appreciate that businesses within this sector are continually evolving, that's why we work hard with insurers to ensure that our products are state-of-the-art. 

All businesses are unique so for further information we would recommend that you contact us to discuss your requirements on 01789 761670, however we have included below details of the covers available: 


Technology Insurance

  • Property Damage - for losses to buildings, machinery & plant and all other contents

  • Business Interruption - for financial loss as a result of damage to your property causing an interruption to your business

  • Goods in Transit

  • Money & Personal Accident (assault)

  • Computer Breakdown - loss of computer equipment, reinstatement of data & increased cost of working.

  • Terrorism (UK only)

  • Public & Product Liability - for claims brought against you by third parties for injuries or property damage.

  • Employers' Liability -  for claims brought against you for death or injury to employees arising out of their duties in connection with your business.

  • Professional Indemnity - to protect you against breach of contract, negligence or transmission of malicious software and Intellectual Property (IP) breaches.


Key Features *(Only Available Under Selected Policies)

These features are dependent on the insurer chosen to suit your requirements.

  • Contract tips and advice - In some cases we can offer a full contract checking service

  • Crisis Containment Provides access to the services of a leading crisis PR firm to reduce the risk of any reputational injury to your business.

  • Infringement of intellectual property - Including cyber squatting violations, any act of passing-off, misappropriation of formats or trade names and infringement of copyright or trademark.

  • Network security and personal data events - Provides cover for claims resulting from the transmission of malicious software and the unauthorised acquisition, access and use or disclosure of personal data

  • Development risk exposure - A range of covers which provide robust protection for research and development operations


Management Liability

Provides critical protection to the key decision makers in your business in the litigious society that we all live and work in today. 

  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Corporate Legal Liability

  • Employment Practices Liability


Cyber Liability

Provides protection against some of the far-reaching consequences of data leaks and breaches. Cyber risks are a fact of life in a world of information and information systems.  Any company dealing with electronic data whether it’s on mobile devices, computers, servers or online faces such risks.

Cover automatically includes:

  • Data Administrative Investigations

  • Data Administrative Fines

  • Pro-active Forensic Services

  • Repair of the Company’s Reputation

  • Repair of the Individual’s Reputation

  • Restoring, recreating, or recollecting Electronic Data

  • Notification to Data Subject

‚ÄčAnd can be further extended to include:

  • Multimedia Liability

  • Cyber/Privacy Extortion Liability

  • Network Interruption 

  • Phone Freaking


Product Recall & Guarantee

To cover the costs of:

  • Meeting financial losses suffered by customers or third parties as a direct consequence of products failing to perform

  • Recalling products where their continued use may cause you to incur a legal liability


Legal Expenses

Covers the following:

  • Employment Disputes
  • Health & Safety Prosecutions
  • Tax Protection
  • Criminal Prosecution Defence
  • Statutory Licence Protection
  • Jury Service Allowance
  • Property Disputes
  • Data Protection
  • Personal Injury
  • Debt Recovery
  • Contract Cover
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Motor Disputes
  • Insolvency Fees
  • Wrongful Arrest & Disputes with digital marketing agencies


Credit Insurance

  • Indemnifies against the losses arising from the insolvency or payment default of your customers

  • Enables you to identify creditworthy partners and undertake work for them with the security of the protection provided.
  • Can include your costs involved for work in progress and for invoiced amounts

  • The debt ledger is often a considerable asset for companies and should be protected, this has the added advantage of supporting lending facilities such as invoice finance or factoring and can often result in lower charges


Risk Management

A service providing guidance on:

  • Business continuity and disaster planning

  • Consultancy in respect of Health and Safety, risk assessments, safe working practices, etc

  • Training

  • Competent Person or competent person support

  • Management support services

  • Environmental issues

  • Fire prevention and protection measures