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What is a Technology Combined Insurance policy?

A Technology Combined Insurance policy is a specialist policy that allows Technology companies to combine their Professional Indemnity, Public & Employers' Liability and a number of other covers together under one policy.


What does a Technology Combined Insurance policy cover?

A Technology Combined Insurance policy provides cover for:


  • Professional indemnity for claims against you for Negligence, Breach of Contract, etc.

  • Employers' Liability and Public / Products Liability for claims brought against you by employees, customers or members of the public.

  • Property Damage for losses to your buildings, machinery & plant and all other contents.

  • Business Interruption for financial losses as a result of damage to your property or other insured risks.

  • Goods in Transit for damage caused to goods and other property whilst in transit.

  • Contract Works for damage occurring to the contract works at a customer’s premises.

  • Hacker Damage for the costs you have to pay to replace or repair your website, intranet or computer.

  • Legal Expenses for insured legal costs

  • Cyber Liability provides the financial cover and services your business would need to deal with a cyber incident.

  • Travel & Personal Accident.

  • Management Liability for the exposures faced by individual directors, officers, managers, and companies that arise from running their business.


Do you need a Technology Combined Insurance policy?

Whilst Employers Liability is compulsory if you have employees, we would recommend every business has appropriate cover in place and by using a bespoke policy such as this, you can be confident that the risks of your business will be understood and covered.


Should you have any further questions or queries about Technology Combined Insurance that you would like answering, please feel free to contact us.